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5 Things To Ask Yourself When Looking For A Maid

While we know that keeping your home spick and span for busy adults is not an easy feat, we know it is not easy to look for a maid to help out with your daily chores at home too. If you find yourself asking these questions while looking for a maid, “is there a perfect helper to suit my needs?” “How will I know if the maid I’m hiring is up to standards?” “How does one find the right helper and how do they go about hiring them?” then, read on!

5 things to ask yourself when looking for a maid:

1. Who Am I Looking For

Before you even set foot on finding your maid, list out your needs from top priority to the least. For example, needs of families with elderly or young kids varies from that of singles or couples without children. From that list, you would understand what is important to your household and it can help you take note when browsing through the maid biodata. A maid biodata consists of the profiles of maids - their age, marital status, religion and citizenship. There are many domestic helpers with different capabilities, so the maid biodata and your priority list can help streamline your search for a suitable helper.


2. Hiring Process

A maid agent from a maid agency will shortlist a few potential maids and set up interviews with them. During the interviews, it helps to be upfront with your expectations and requirements so the maid agent can convey your needs and source for the best match for you and your family.

Alternatively, you can look for a maid on your own and get the information from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website for processing application, but we recommend that as first-timers, you should leave this to the maid agency as the process can be confusing. Some employers also get recommendations by word of mouth.

If you don’t know where to start looking, some of the most reliable and well-established maid agencies offering professional foreign maid placement services, which are also licensed by MOM, can be found in the places below:

- Bukit Timah Plaza Maid Agency

- Far East Plaza Maid Agency

- Far East Shopping Centre Maid Agency

- Maid Agency Katong Shopping Centre

You can also approach these agencies for maid and butler services. Of course, these are just some of our suggestions. Feel free to explore more options and do ample research before selecting your helper.

3. Maid Contract

A maid contract, aka employment contract for maids, employers and agents, is very important. Some agencies do not provide any written contract and these are the agencies you should stay clear of. Do not engage maid agencies that do not provide a proper written contract. This contract will contain important information such as package and agency fee, maid salary, work permits and maid contract renewal.

Read the maid contract carefully before signing to fully understand the terms and conditions, especially the maid contract renewal terms if you’re looking to hire a maid long-term. Don’t be afraid to clarify with your maid agent if you have any doubts and most importantly, never assume!

You might also want to check if your agency provides at least a few times of a maid replacement at zero or low cost. Some agencies require you to hire the maid for a minimum period of time before you can request for a change.

4. Which Countries Can I Employ Maids From

Only MOM approved countries are eligible for maid hire. Some countries include Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia and Myanmar. Approaching a Filipino maid agency if you are specifically looking for a Filipino maid is not necessary as most maid agencies have different maids from different countries you can choose from. Most helpers in Singapore are from the Philippines or Indonesia and are known to be diligent and hardworking.

5. Cost

Finally, the most important question of all is how much does it cost to hire a maid? It goes back to your needs and requirements. Say, if you only need maid cleaning services occasionally, part-time maids are available for prices ranging from $10 - $20 an hour. They can be hired independently or through a maid agency. Full-time live-in maids on average are hired for $450 per month, though expats sometimes pay them $650 or more, depending on the maid’s experience. Employers must also pay a monthly levy of $265 to the Singapore government, and a security bond of $5000.

On top of these numbers, employers also have to provide accommodation, insurance, food and medical care for their maids. Don’t forget their bi-annual home leave, transfer costs, and annual bonuses.

It can be daunting for first-time employers to find the right helper. That is why a reliable and professional maid agency can be a great thing to start with. With these tips, you’re all set to find some domestic help!