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About Us

Sg maid Pte Ltd has two simple goals: to help you enjoy a sparkling clean home and help you make the most of your valuable time. Whether you need a house maid in Singapore, or someone to provide child care or elderly care, we're here to help you.

Let us help you find the right maid for your home.

Child Care and Elderly Care Offered in Addition to House Cleaning

SG Maid Singapore can also help you with child and elderly care needs.

Services offered by SG Maid Singapore include child care and elderly care. Today's families tend to be extremely busy, and it's not always easy to ensure that children or elderly loved ones are looked after properly while parents are at work. By offering child care and elderly care in addition to house cleaning services, we make your life run more efficiently and help you enjoy your precious free time to its maximum advantage.

Up to Date, All the Time

Our database of professional house maids is constantly updated, so when you visit our site, you can be confident that you're accessing the latest and most accurate information. We understand that you don't want to let just anyone into your home, so we screen our house cleaning professionals carefully and make it a point to match up clients with the best person for the job.

Finding the right house maid in Singapore can be a challenge, because of the city's large and dynamic population, but SG Maid Singapore makes it easier for you. We invite you to contact us at any time and see for yourself how simple it is to hire a maid in Singapore to make your home more comfortable and enjoyable.