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Best Maid Agency

SG Maid Pte. Ltd. might just be the best home maid agency for you!

 Working Singaporeans are busy people with a multitude of schedules and responsibilities. Not only do they rush to and from the office on the daily,there is barely enough time for lunch sometimes. As much as you want to, you often times are not able to be physically present at home to make sure everything is going smoothly. That’s where SG Maid Pte. Ltd. steps in.

Forget tedious measures and long waiting times. With a simple three-step maid hiring process, we ensure that you’re able to find the best maid in the shortest time possible. Rest assured that we offer thorough, professional training for our maids such that you can enjoy one of the best maid cleaning services in the market today.


A good maid means a happier family and an entire load off your heavy shoulders. Choose SG Maid Pte. Ltd., choose the best maid service.