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Domestic Helper

Are you an employer looking for domestic helper, finding a domestic helper for your family or relatives, or even looking for a reliable domestic helper agency, you have come to the right place. This article is all about providing some tips and important information for those looking for domestic helpers.

Before hiring foreign domestic workers,decide on which country of maids you are looking for. Filipino domestic helpers are very popular amongst Singaporeans but feel free to explore other options and find out more about the backgrounds and experiences of the helpers before engaging them. Depending on your needs, for example, an Indonesian domestic helper would suit you better, if they are able to converse in English and have similar religion to your family.

Local domestic helpers in Singapore come from various backgrounds and vary in their skills and experience, hence it is advisable that you make sure you understand what roles and responsibilities you expect her to fulfill. It also helps to guide and assist her with adapting to your lifestyle and working expectations.

You would have heard of a domestic helper levy, which is a monthly levy for your helper. The domestic helper levy, or foreign worker levy, is a pricing mechanism to regulate the number of foreign workers in Singapore. You don’t have to pay Central Provident Fund (CPF) contributions for your helper but you must pay a monthly levy for her.

The domestic helper levy is at a monthly rate of $275 and a daily rate of $8.72. Concessionary monthly rate is at $60while the daily rate is $1.98. Daily levy rate applies only to local domestic helpers who did not complete a full calendar month and is calculated as follows: (Monthly levy rate X 12) / 365 = rounding up to the nearest cent. The concessionary rate only applies to families with young children, elderly members or person with disability. You can find out if you qualify for this concession at the MOM website.

You don’t always have to rely on a domestic helper agency to help you find a helper. There are always websites and forums with postings of domestic helpers looking for employer. Finding a domestic helper on these sites are usually less effective as compared to engaging a domestic helper agency, especially if you are a first time employer and are new to all procedures. It is more cost effective, no doubt. The websites will also have employers from different countries looking for maids so don’t be surprised when you see postings of western family needs domestic helper, or Korean family looking for Philippine domestic helper in Singapore and more.

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