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Employer’s Guide to Hiring A Domestic Worker

Before you decide to hire a domestic worker, here is a list of things you need to know.

1. Hiring the right domestic worker

For anyone looking for a domestic worker, one should understand the roles and responsibilities you expect her to fulfill and which are the most important to you. Domestic workers come from different backgrounds and are not necessarily trained to perform certain household tasks.Do not assume that all domestic workers are trained to look after young children or the elderly. Thus, as a first time employer, one should turn to agents for domestic workers and employment agencies where proper training programs are provided for. If you have young children or elderly parents, it would be advisable to hire child domestic workers who have prior experience in these respective areas. You will need to ask specifically about this when interviewing a potential domestic worker. A domestic maid agency can also advise you on the strengths and skills of their maids.

If you are not keen on engaging a domestic maid agency, you can post online on various forums and Facebook groups about looking for a domestic worker, and specific types of domestic workers wanted. There are a lot of domestic workers looking for work and you can sometimes get recommendations via word of mouth too.

2. Domestic worker levy

Domestic worker wages vary around $400 to $500 monthly, not including their levy and other costs. A domestic worker levy is a pricing mechanism to regulate the number of foreign workers in Singapore. It is a monthly levy, which begins on the 5th day of her arrival, or the next day after she arrives. The levy ends when her work permit is cancelled or expires.

You can apply for a work permit for your helper either on your own or through a domestic maid agency. The domestic worker levy costs $265 per month and $60 for concessionary rates. Your domestic maid agency should fill you in on these fees and conditions before you hire a maid. You should also check with your domestic worker’s embassy on whether there are additional requirements for her to leave her country, such as domestic workers visa or overseas government letter.

3. After employing a maid

You may need to take time off work to assist your new domestic worker in adapting to her new living and working environment. Domestic workers job is not easy and they may take anywhere between 1 to 3 months before she learns how to carry out her chores and adapt comfortably. They will need time to familiarize themselves with their employer’s way of life. You can help by taking time to orientate and train her, giving her a list of duties. A list of duties for a domestic worker helps to keep her disciplined and focused on her tasks

Due to the varying overseas employment standards and laws imposed by foreign governments, employers are advised not to employ domestic workers without engaging  a domestic maid agency.