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Filipino Maid

Hiring a maid is a huge decision that you should consider thoroughly and of the many factors, which country your maid comes from is one of the most important ones.Filipino, Indonesian and Myanmar maids are the more popular choices among Singaporeans and today, we are going to share with you why this is so.

Filipino housemaids are generally better versed in English. This is an important factor to consider if you have young children or babies at home. She can also understand your instructions and carry out her tasks more efficiently. Filipino housemaids are generally stereo typed to be able to handle more complex tasks and do not require much training. Singaporeans looking for Filipino maids typically take language into consideration so the maid can converse with their children better.

As a Muslim, one might consider religion a major factor. A Filipino Muslim maid might be able to adapt to your customs and have a better understanding of your needs as a Muslim household, as compared to hiring a maid of a different religion.

One of the drawbacks is that Filipino housemaids cost more and they are also known to be more demanding. Recent reports have predicted the rising costs of Filipino maids for hire and employers will have to pay at least $550 a month, from the initial $500 standard fee – the first rise in three years. The Philippine Embassy’s labourattache reported that there are about 70,000 Filipino housemaids in Singapore, and has tightened its restrictions on nationals coming here to work as maids. It started processing only five employment contracts per employment agency each week, thus affecting the number of workers allocated to each employment agency. However, Filipino maids for hire are still in demand at maid agencies.

Don’t forget that you can only hire your maid from countries approved by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

In short, even though there are many stereo types associated with maids from different countries, it is not for certain that all maids behave a certain way just because they are from that particular country. If a higher fee can increase your chances of hiring a maid with better standards, it is something  you should not compromise, as the maid will be staying with your family for awhile.