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Hiring a Maid

Are you an employer looking for a maid? Not enough time to do a proper research you say? We are here to help!

Just what does hiring a maid in Singapore entail? Here’s the complete guide for you!

Employing a maid can be a daunting task especially for first time employers, but fret not, with so many maid agencies out there, you can be sure to find the right maid foryou and your family. Some employers go through find a maid services to, well, find a maid! Getting a maid means employing an outsider to live with you in close proximity for a couple of years, so you definitely want to have an experienced maid agency to find a maid for you.



You can find licensed maid agencies and services through the Ministry of Manpower(MOM) website at

This MOM website also provides all the relevant and important information relating to the service standards of the maid agencies. You can also visit CaseTrust to view a list of accredited maid agencies under CaseTrust through CASE’s website at

To find a maid service will not only breakdown the cost of employing a maid for you, it will also provide you withimportant information such as foreign maid levy, work permits, documentation, procedures and more. You can also choose to hire a full time maid or part time maid; whichever suits your household needs better.

The work permit and paperwork can be done online or your maid agency will sometimes do it for you. Things like insurance plans and security bond can be done through an insurer like NTUC income. When looking for a find a maid service, it helps if they provide these processes and paperwork in their service packages,which saves a truckload of time for you.

Within 3 days after your full time maid arrives in Singapore, she will have to attend a compulsory awareness course and also pass a MOM-stipulated test. Documentation work with MOM has to be completed within their 14thday of arrival. Thumb printing, photo taking and all other identification procedures will have to be done at MOM within 7 days after the submission of the documentation for their work permit card.

If everything goes smoothly, the maid can collect her work permit after 4 to 5days. Don’t worry if this still seems new or challenging to you, as the maid agency will usually handle these procedures. Do remember to check with the agency before you engage their services.

Some common questions you might have:

  1. How long does getting a maid take?
      -Usually 4 to 6 weeks
  2. What are the countries I can employ a maid from?
      -Only from MOM approved sources like Malaysia,Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh
  3. What are the requirements for employing a maid? (According to MOM guidelines)
      -Be 21 years old and above
      -Not declared bankrupt
      -Have the mental capacity to fully understand and discharge your duties as an employer

Asa first-time employer, you will also have to attend an Employer Orientation Programme before you find a maid.You will also be assessed on your financial ability to hire, maintain and upkeep a full time maid in your accommodation.

Now, go forth and find a maid!