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Indian Maid

Indian maids are known to be cheerful and loyal as religion and family play a major role in their way of life. If you have chosen to hire Indian housemaids then you can be assured that they can take care of your daily household chores as their own.

Indian maids and Sri Lankan maids are generally less popular than Filipino and Indonesian maids here in Singapore, but there are still many house maid agencies that have their biodatas readily available. A lot of the reviews on Indian housemaids and Sri Lankan maids are generally positive so you can consider your options of hiring them.

For more streamlined search, you can search from an Indian maid agency or Sri Lankan maid agency website specializing in Indian and Sri Lankan maids. On an Indian maid agency website, for example, they will usually categorize the Indian housemaids by their states and towns like Punjab, Darjeeling, and Tamil Nadu. Depending on your preferences, you can search for the maid you want more efficiently.

It helps to read up on the testimonials and background information of the maids you have shortlisted so you can prepare the questions to ask at the interview.

Indian maids are generally less fussy, kind-hearted and happy. If you have children or elderly at home, this is definitely a plus point.

There are lots of different housemaids to choose from and Indian housemaids and Sri Lankan maids are definitely worth your consideration. Approach an Indian maid agency or Sri Lankan maid agency today to find out more!