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Should You Hire An Indonesian Maid?

Here at SG Maid Pte. Ltd., we are a one-stop maid portal and have various agencies that we work with that may help ease your search for a helper. If you are looking for Indonesian maid or any kind of maids, having some background knowledge on the different kinds of maid would be helpful. In this article, we tackle the question some first time employers may face – should I hire an Indonesian maid?

Why should you hire an Indonesian maid? Indonesian maids are a popular choice in Singapore for many reasons. The most common reason is due to their religious and dietary practices as Muslims. So if you are a Muslim or know of any Muslim friends looking for maids, an Indonesian maid would be the best option. There is also a common perception of them being hardworking. Indonesian maids are known to be diligent, easy-going and well behaved.

However, Indonesian maids may not be as fluent in English and are not as effective as Filipino maids so it may take more time for them to communicate and understand your needs. In addition, according to a report published by Straits Times, Indonesian maids will start to cost more from November 2013 on wards, which means they are not as cost effective too.

All of these also depend on your personal preference. If you think you don’t mind the language barrier and are willing to spend some time to coach and train your maid at home, you should consider hiring an Indonesian maid. There are lots of Indonesian housemaid agencies out there that specialize in Indonesian maids. An Indonesian housemaid agency will not only have new maids but also transfer maids for hire, and they usually provide comprehensive training for their maids too.

To get more information on the maid’s background and experience, you can speak to any Indonesian maid agency and request specifically for an Indonesian maid biodata. From there, you can choose to interview the maids you have shortlisted to convey your needs and decide if they could be the right fit for your family!