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Are you looking for a maid but have no time to call up maid agencies and physically go down to their office to learn more about the costs and procedures? Well, you can look for a maid online

Unfortunately, searching for a dependable home maid that suits your needs can be challenging. But with the help from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), and from us at SG Maid Pte. Ltd., you can now hire maids from reputable maid agencies in Singapore.

Here at SG Maid Pte. Ltd., we are one of Singapore’s leading and most reputable maid agencies. We have over 1000 maids for hire from licensed agencies in our database and you can find a Filipino maid, Indonesian maid, Myanmar maid and more. They are categorized from the most recent maids to the most popular ones. 

You can also streamline your search for your preferred maid by selecting your preferred maid agency, biodata, type of maid such as new or transfer, nationality, working experience and language ability. You can also choose a maid cost that is within your budget. A maid for home may or may not suit your requirements depending on what you are looking for in a helper. If you have young kids or elderly at home, the criteria of your maid will differ accordingly.  

Some employees only require a cleaning services maid that comes by weekly or bi-weekly. Again, this depends on your needs and can be discussed with your agency for the best maid employment for your home.


Employing someone based on a few interviews then having to live with them for a couple of years and trust them with your children and elderly, is not entirely easy. Therefore, take your time to access your needs and what the maid agency has to offer. We could all use an extra live-in help so start doing your research today!