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Myanmar Maid

Having covered some trivia and common perceptions on Indian and Indonesian maids in our previous articles, we will be telling you a little bit more about Myanmar maids today. Maid agencies have reported that Myanmar maids could be preferred after wage rise for Indonesians, so many Singaporeans may prefer to hire Myanmar maids from now on.

If you decide to hire a Myanmar maid, the biggest plus point would be the maid rates. Myanmar maids cost the least among Filipino and Indonesian maids and are perceived to be less demanding and fussy. They are generally hardworking and have a sweet temperament, which would be good if you have young kids at home. Though there are rising cases of Myanmar maids running away from home, a reliable Myanmar maid agency can reduce the risk of this happening. This is because Myanmar maids find it hard to adapt to the working environment in Singapore as they barely get any pay without the insurance of a maid recruitment agency. Some of them are underage and speak little to no English and are not deemed fit to even be working abroad.

However, a good Myanmar maid agency will provide ample and comprehensive training to their maids and will ensure that the maids are carefully selected, properly paid and provided for. If you are having second thoughts, do not be deterred by this, as there are many trustworthy maid provider agencies out there that specialize in Myanmar maids. When researching on maid home services, be specific on the kind of maids you need. If you have worked with Filipino or Indonesian maids before, you will be surprised at how different a Myanmar maid’s working attitude is. As mentioned, their sweet temperament goes a long way. Communication is one of the major drawbacks, as most of them can’t speak or understand English but they learn quickly. Myanmar maids will have to attend a month-long training programme in centres in Myanmar, where they will be taught simple English and housekeeping skills before a maid recruitment agency can recruit them.

The number of Myanmar maids in Singapore has grown by 50 percent over the past two years, from about 20,000 to 30,000. Make sure you find a Myanmar maid placement agency that approved and accredited by the Myanmar government to legally source for maids.

Speak to more Myanmar maid agencies and maid providers to find out more about their training programmes and how it can help your family. After all, she will be staying with you for quite some time so make sure you are comfortable with her experience and skill set before hiring her.