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How to Transition to the Idea of a New Indonesian Maid

Published on Thursday, 11 December 2015

You may be contemplating about getting a new maid from a different ethnicity just because your friend told you about her Indonesian maid who is efficient, honest, and hardworking. There are many trained Indonesian maids out there, you too can avail the services of one, but if you are curious as to what to expect from the change, here are some tips to help you through the transition.

Communication Is Everything
This is the key to any relationship. If you choose a maid from SGMaid, you will receive a trained professional; however, they too know that communication is important counts a lot to get the job done right.
However, it would really help if you use simple language, as some Indonesian maids have trouble understanding jargons, or expressions that they are not used to hearing. That being said, if you think you might have trouble with overcoming the language barrier yourself, then you can explain things to her by physically demonstrating the work for the first few times, until she gets a grasp over it.
It is also important that you supervise her for the first few weeks. This is so that the maid gets a hang of your preferences (something you may not have mentioned in job description), and your routine so that she can best adjust her work in sync with that. Initial supervision is also important if you are hiring a maid to take care of your children; this way you will be at ease with the kind of care your child is getting.

There Will be Cultural Differences

An Indonesian maid doesn’t know about your culture like you do and it might take her some time to familiarize with it. Though this is not an obstacle, it is possible that the both of you feel a transition shock that comes with major change, especially if this is the first time you are ever hiring a maid and therefore are not used to one in your home.
To make this time easier on yourself and your maid, it is imperative that you outline the differences that you think an Indonesian maid may potentially be not aware of. For example, in some cultures, yes could either mean that one understands or that one heard you calling. Make sure you check if your maid understood what you said.

Personal Space
If you are getting a maid who is supposed to take care of your kids on a full time basis, then you need to make sure that the maid’s room is comfortable and welcoming. This is going to be her new home, and therefore she is going to need a nice and clean private space. Just like you are providing basic amenities to your employee, you should expect that she works productively. Think about it, a happy maid will be more willing to work better for you.

When you have a new maid and you want her to understand how things work at your place, there may be some tasks that you want done at certain times during the day. However, you probably know that it would take the Indonesian maid a while to grasp everything. A better way for you to go about it to make her a schedule; that way everything is jotted down and the maid can simply look it up if she feels perplexed about something or when you are not around. This will make things easier for the both of you.
Patience is everything, it will take a while for you and your maid to adjust into the new situation, but with a trained maid, like the ones at SGMaid, you should be fine. It is important that you are respectful yet firm but it is also important that you stage a positive place for the new maid in the house.

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