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Maid Agents Get New Rules To Clarify Fees

Published on Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Ministry of Manpower has changed things up a little in recent months. There is a whole new requirement that now makes transparency the priority amidst pricing various elements. In this case, maid agents will now   have to be far more clear in regards to the fees that they are charging. This new tactic will include how much is charged for a two-year contract, and permit prices. Permits approved will now showcase the cost, including all fees that were paid in order to attain the certification. This is something that comes as a change of format that has been suggested in the past.
Why The Change?
It’s important to understand that this change has come as a result of overcharges being rampant amidst many different agencies and workers. The move is helping employers and maids get the full discourse of information in regards to terms, fees, and even employment rights. It’s something that has been discussed amidst the Ministry of Manpower.
Clarity in pricing is the key to remember here. The main goal is for employers to know exactly how much they need to pay, and what fees are included in the job. This becomes crucial in case someone decides to terminate the employment option. It helps the consumer, but it also helps maids in another arena.
Helping Maids With Clarity of Contract
The other part of this is in regards to how maids are contracted. Contracts and certificates are usually given for 2 years’ time. In the past, agents would take on the cost of certification which could be upwards of $1200. That’s no longer the case, with the change allowing maids to get a refund for the second year, if they do not decide to continue service. If a contract is canceled, then the costs are also refunded. These costs were usually paid in full up front from the agent side, but now with this change, things are different.
More Transparency Is Good
With this change transparency becomes the main goal. This is not only good for those hiring maids, but also for maids themselves. It also helps identify practices and charges that agents put on services. There’s a bit of confusion in regards to how foreign maids are paid, how agents charge, and more. However, this move should help in clarifying the positions, as well as helping isolate the rights of maids moving forward.
On another note, agencies that are overcharging in light of these new rules will get fined. If they continue to defy the regulations, they will serve jail time as a result. Over time, licenses can be revoked as well, which is something that is meant to deter agencies from charging too much, or not disclosing the prices involved.

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