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Maid Supply To Singapore To Change Thanks To The Philippines

Published on Thursday, 26 January 2016

Singapore is going to get a bit of a restriction when it comes to maids entering the country. News coming out of The Philippine Embassy is stated to have passed restrictions as to who goes to Singapore for work. This includes maids that may be entering the country for positions that are open. The change has come in light of changes to the employment elements of the country. In the past few months, the job orders were cut in half, and recruiting will now be crippled as a result. A reduction by 50% means less workers will be able to be recruited and sent over for maid positions.
No Change Announcement
Even though the Philippine Embassy has stated these new rules in public, the Ministry of Manpower notes that they have not received any documents in regards to the new rules. These new rules would change the number of workers going into the workforce of Singapore, making it interesting to see what is truly going on. The MOM has commented that they have not seen restrictions in print, and therefore cannot really make changes as a result.
Waiting Times To Get Tighter
It’s important to denote that with the new changes, waiting times for maids to come over will become tighter. At press time, over 1,000 Filipino maids arrived in Singapore on a monthly basis, and over 200,000 maids are already in service, with 70,000 of them being Filipino. With the restrictions coming in the future, a drop in accredited recruits will mean less people in the work force.
Agencies are working with quotas already, but this will no doubt cause difficulties in replenishing the work force as a whole. The longer wait lists not only effect employment roles, it directly effects the consumer. As more people need maids to help, there will be less of them coming over with the new restrictions in place. With less numbers, some people will just have to wait longer.
Small Agencies Are Fine
The thing that most don’t realize is that smaller agencies will not feel the crunch. However, larger agencies will definitely feel this shift. As less available workers come through, their quotas will not be met, and the opportunities will be open for longer. Smaller agencies will not feel that crunch and will most likely continue as usual, without feeling the effects of this. The National Employment managing director was quoted as saying that this could be a difficult issue to navigate for larger companies, but of course, in time, things will level out.

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