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Questions to Ask when Hiring a Maid Service

Published on Sunday, 16 August 2015

How Many Maids does the Agency has in its Employment?

While number does not necessarily equate to strength, choosing to work with an agency that has more than a handful of maids will be your best bet. Why? Because it shows that the company has a strong reach that enables them to build a solid number of network. A company that also has a big roster of employees also tend to have a solid security mechanism in place, allowing you to make sure that the house maid that will be sent to your house will not cause you or your property any harm.

What’s included in a Typical Home Visit?

A typical Singapore maid agency usually offers different kinds of service packages that fend for the different needs of their clients. These packages can go from basic sweeping and dusting to extensive top-to-toe home cleaning. Before you sign up for a service, you have to make sure that they offer the kind of package that you need. This way, you will be able to get your home cleaned just the way that you like it. 

How much will it Cost?

While house maid services do not come cheap, there is no denying the fact that they offer real value to homeowners. After all, coming home to a clean home at the end of a very long day is simply priceless. Services, however, come in differently priced packages that depend on the extent of services that will be performed in the vicinity. To be sure, see to it that you inquire about the fees the agency charge before you get someone sent over. Make sure that you remember to consider the cost for the tip you will give to your house maid, as well as the amount that you would have to spend on cleaning tools and implements that your agency’s services do not cover.

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