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SG Maid's primary goal is to provide the best maid service specifically for your needs. That's why we ensure all our clients can access personalised service, right from home. In fact, we're so committed to putting clients first, we offer assistance 24 hours, 7 days a week.
Employment of Maids from Several Countries

SG Maid helps clients hire maids from:
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
Every maid we provide for clients comes through approved Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) sources.

Employment of Transfer Maids

Transfer maids, or maids that are located in Singapore, can be interviewed personally by clients. In fact, interviews can be arranged to take place at the client's home for convenience. Better still, processing of the transfer maid's work permit can be handled in as few as 3 working days.

Employer Orientation Programme (EOP)

We offer a 3-hour programme that provides clients with critical information about employing a foreign domestic worker (FDW). If you will be hiring an FDW for the first time, you will be required to attend an EOP before the FDW's work permit application is processed.

FDW On-Site Training Program: Household Competency

Your FDW can undergo on-site training at your home, for the ultimate in convenience and time savings. SG Maid's trainers have extensive experience and are well-prepared to train your FDW efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, we are happy to customise FDW training to meet your unique requirements.

The Settling-In Programme (SIP)

Before starting work, and within 3 days of their arrival, all first-time FDWs must attend an SIP. SG Maid ensures that the registrations of FDWs for the SIP occur within the necessary time frame.

Personalised Home Training for Your FDW

If you require personalised home training for your FDW, just let us know and we can arrange for this. We charge fees for personalised training based on the type of training you request for your FDW.

Medical Evaluation

All of SG Maid's FDWs must undergo a medical check-up when they arrive in Singapore. Additionally, every 6 months they are required to be screened for infectious diseases and pregnancy. All medical evaluations are performed by a registered Singapore doctor, and clients are responsible for any medical expenses incurred by their FDW during medical evaluation.

Comprehensive FDW Insurance Coverage

SG Maid assists clients in purchasing the minimum insurance coverage of $10,000 required by the MOM. This insurance covers FDW accidents and permanent disability. Clients may choose to upgrade insurance coverage to include medical coverage, since all health and medical treatments undergone by the FDW are the responsibility of the client during the FDW's employment in Singapore.

Security Bond Waiver

Once the client purchases a Reimbursement of Indemnity policy, $5,000 in reimbursement is covered in the event that the client's FDW runs away without a valid reason. This policy also includes additional coverage, such as:

• Accidental death benefit for client
• Building insurance against fire
• Worldwide purchase protection
• Loss or damage to frozen food due to refrigeration breakdown

Application for Work Permits

Clients can complete application of work permits via WP online or by manual application through the MOM SingPost.

Renewal of Work Permits

Work Permit renewal notices are sent out two months before expiry of the work permit for the FDW. Renewal of the Work Permit can be done via WP online within 30 days of permit expiry. Issuing of a new Work Permit, purchase of the $5,000 security bond, and the General Insurance required by MOM is done by SG Maid.

Work Permit Cancellation

Cancellation of the Work Permit via WP online must be completed when the FDW is terminated within the Work Permit validity period, or when the Work Permit expires.