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Employing A Transfer Maid

There are two kinds of maids for hire – a maid from an agency or directly employing a transfer maid. While some employers prefer hiring from an agency to save the hassle, some would consider getting a transfer maid. Employing a transfer maid is easier than you think. Read on to find out!

What Is A Transfer Maid?

A transfer maid is hired directly from their current employer in Singapore. The paperwork will still have to be sorted out an agency, though you will not have to pay the full fee. A transfer maid fee is usually around $500.

Why Do Employers Hire Transfer Maids?

Once shunned as sub-par employees, families employing transfer maids have become a trend in Singapore in recent years. Families who urgently need maids for home would prefer to employ transfer maids as they can start working in matter of days, as compared to the few weeks that it takes to hire a maid from overseas. Agent fees are also less costly - $700 to $800compared to more than $2000 for a new maid.

Since the maid has already resided in Singapore for a period of time, the life style and culture here is no longer new to them which makes them more adaptive and experienced. There is no need for training and they also require less supervision. Potential employers can also readily interview the maids and get direct feedback from their current employers.

How To Employ A Transfer Maid?

If you need maid for home, decide on which country of maids you prefer. Filipino transfer maid, Indonesian transfer maid, Myanmar transfer maid, and even a Muslim Filipino transfer maid if you require.

The first thing you need to do is to ask your relatives, friends and colleagues for recommendations in case their own maids are looking for a transfer. You can also search online. There are online forums and Facebook groups on maid transfers.You can also post on these sites that you are looking for a specific transfer maid such as a Muslim Filipino transfer maid, for instance. Another alternative is checking out maid agencies in Lucky Plaza or Katong shopping centre. They will have a database of transfer maids from different countries.

Before securing a transfer maid, you should get some feedback from their current employer. This will allow you to get details on their work ethics and such. You will also need to obtain a written consent from the employer stating that the maid transfer is mutually agreed upon and sign a MOM consent form.

If this is done without an agency, you will have to secure a work permit and buy insurance for the transfer maid.

This process can be easy and hassle-free if you find the right parties and if they are trustworthy. Make sure all the legal documents are obtained and you’re good to go!